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New Campaign Ad

Watch our new campaign ad below where Mike shares why he is running for Congress. We hope you will join us as Election Day approaches by helping on the campaign trail or making an online donation today.

Bost Receives Endorsement of Illinois Chamber PAC

“Today, I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Illinois Chamber PAC and to stand with them in support of commonsense policies that will spur job creation and economic growth,” said Mike Bost. “The Illinois Chamber is a widely respected and nonpartisan organization with an agenda that I know will help families across Southern Illinois and the Metro East. Unfortunately, my opponent has opposed similar policies during his time in Washington, putting him squarely against the interests of hardworking Illinoisans.”

Bost assembles senior citizen coalition to advise on policy

CARBONDALE,IL – The Congressional Campaign of Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) has assembled a coalition of senior citizens from around the 12 Congressional District to gather input on key issues facing our nation’s older population. “Senior citizens issues will be a top legislative priority of mine, if elected. I’m pledging to fight for their rights so they… Read more »

Enyart AWOL from his own office hours

CARBONDALE, IL – Congressman Bill Enyart continues to be absent from his own “Congressman on the Corner,” events around the 12th Congressional District. The absent without leave Congressman’s situation is very curious since his most recent events have occurred when the U.S. House of Representatives has been on recess. The Congressman’s office staff attend the… Read more »